For wholesale buyers

You can get a wholesale price list for our products by sending a request to e-mail: [email protected] or by contacting us by phone +7(800)9917752

Our company pays great attention to working with wholesale customers. We always try to take into account all your
wishes, timely and on time to fulfill your orders.
For wholesale customers we offer the following conditions:
You can always collect an order based on the description provided on our website. This will save you from
trips to us and save your time!
You can get a wholesale price list for our products by sending a request to e-mail: [email protected]
Why is it profitable and convenient for wholesalers to work with us?
1. Pricing policy
For each wholesaler, we develop a separate personal discount system.
2. Assortment policy
Not all goods we can lay out on the virtual shelves of our site. But a wholesale buyer can
get any product from us.
3. Logistics policy
According to your order, we collect and complete orders at one site, accessible for the passage of vehicles, including heavy vehicles. Or we transport complete sets of goods on our own
carrier (transport company). No need to waste time and money to travel through Moscow traffic jams.
4. Special conditions
In each case, we consider the conditions of work with wholesalers, and if possible, we
we are pleased to provide special working conditions.
5. Policy of correct work:
In our work, we rely on the principles of justice and therefore:
All products have original certificates from the manufacturer: a certificate of conformity or a letter of refusal,
hygiene certificate. The product comes with instructions.
You can order all products on our official website:
We only have one official site, so beware of scammers

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