Welcome to Mooseberry Meadows. We would like to invite you out for a cup of coffee and a look at our colorful herd.

These delightful creatures have become an integral part of our lives and we're sure you will come to love them too.

We enjoy every aspect of the alpaca lifestyle; feeding and maintenance are a pleasure - something to look forward to, helping relieve the stress of the day.

Your life is renewed with the birth of every alpaca - an exciting and wonderful experience.

If you are wondering about our name, this is what a Mooseberry bush looks like in the fall. Also known as the high bush cranberry, they are ubundant in our woods and make a delightful sauce to go with the Thanksgiving turkey.
We take great pride in our after-sales service and support. It is our belief that selling one of our alpacas is the beginning of a long term relationship sharing the joys of alpaca ownership.
updated May 2008